George Vilos - Executive Director, Commercial & Business Development, Fraport Greece

As we go through an era of unprecedented challenges for the Greek tourism, it is extremely important for all parties involved in the tourism chain, to invest in infrastructure excellence, flawless customer service, value for money services and joint, harmonised forces, as all of them are critical components towards sustainability, competitiveness and future development.

Everyone involved in the Greek tourism industry, cannot but admit, that the recent Covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact in all businesses across the tourism sector, while the recovery process is going to last long and be harsh as well. Moreover, there is no doubt that the competition from other international destinations will become even more intense the years to come, since each single destination will go into battle aiming at getting back –at least– its pro-pandemic market share. 

Thus, the current circumstances dictate more than ever the formation of a long-term tourism strategy targeting tourism product’ competitiveness, with a clear-cut, long-term vision but also attainable short-term targets.

There is no doubt that the creation of a competitive product requires the provision of high-end, customer-oriented services in order to meet the ever-increasing needs of travelers, who are now, more easily than ever, able to choose among a big range of destinations. The upgrade and modernization of the infrastructure, the enrichment and diversification of the tourist product, the high quality of tourist services and certainly the sense of security are indispensable prerequisites of the attractiveness of Greece as a tourist destination and any development from now onwards will be based on the aforementioned conditions.

With regards to Fraport Greece, 2021 is marked by the delivery to the worldwide travellers of 14 brand new, and passenger- friendly airports. Fraport Greece’s innovative half billion investment has significantly transformed these airports in accordance with internationals standards and practices. Three months ahead of schedule, Fraport Greece has completed a major 4-year infrastructure development program that upgrades country’s image and enhances the hospitality element of the Greek tourist product. Airports are gateways to the country for the vast majority of tourists visiting Greece and undoubtedly constitute the first and last impression that our country gives to them.


Focusing on excellent travel experience, safety and functionality, Fraport Greece is committed to work, in close cooperation with all stakeholders, towards the recovery from the recent pandemic, having as target the increase of passenger throughput at all 14 airports, the attraction of new airlines and routes and the development of commercial spaces in line with the highest international standards.

Concluding, we firmly believe that the combination of upgraded public and private infrastructure, modern and user- friendly facilities, high-end services, tourism product’s modernization and diversification and synergies among key industry players are prerequisites for increasing Greece’s competitiveness in the global tourism arena. 

Greece deserves a leading and sustainable position as tourist destination and we feel responsible to serve and contribute to the attainment of this goal.

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