Ioanna Dretta - CEO, Marketing Greece S.A.


Over the last decade, the global hospitality industry has enjoyed massive growth, benefitting the tourism industry by putting on the map travel activity as a way of living.

According to WTTC, in 2019 the direct, indirect and induced impact of travel & tourism contributed US$8.9 trillion to the world’s GDP. Of course, when the Covid-19 pandemic appeared these figures collapsed and now every part of tourism is fighting its battle in order to rebuild the industry upon new values and principles and, at last, a new working model.

Efforts will take place both within the hospitality area via the renewal of existing services and the implementation of health protocols, and outside with DMO’s having to deal with new travel trends and styles.

In the post-Covid-19 world, the framework of tourism will broaden and travelers will be drawn to destinations and experiences that make it easy for them to maintain social distancing practices, be in contact with nature and provide them with feelings of freedom and happiness. More remote locations and niche experiences will be sought, as well as outdoor activities that satisfy their new preferences. On top of this, we should take into consideration that sustainability is no longer a trend but a request. So DMO’s have to workin a totally new environment, by redefining tourism products and promoting new ideas and travel options. They are going to create the offer but destinations need to respond to the demand that will arise. How? Via the investments that are going to take place in the hospitality industry. Therefore, the need for something new creates a great opportunity.


We all know that destinations without facilities are not able to host travelers. And of course, the opposite is also true. Without a destination, we cannot have facilities.

Hospitality investment and destination marketing have a codependent relationship. Both are defining the new standards, helping destinations emerge and supporting the tourism industry in every way.

In conclusion, if we want to rebuild Greek tourism, every section has to cooperate and contribute its part to the battle, including and beyond facilities.



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