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Our team of knowledgeable experts applies a strategic plan to achieve profitability, development, reputation, branding and innovation for your business.

A robust management company

Specialising in the professional management and operation of hotels and hospitality brands, with an extensive, far-reaching network and know-how achieved through decades in the hospitality industry.

A specialised advisor

DHR Services is a specialised advisor with decades of experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, development, and operations of hotels and resorts, offering its know-how and expertise through targeted guidance and expert solutions.

Your key to reliability and sustainability

Achieved through a result-oriented approach. We aim to strengthen the operation of your business, providing both immediate and long-term value, by offering effective tools such as re-engineering, knowledge transfer, market relocation and stakeholder

Two families with a strong legacy in hospitality since 1964 join forces and expertise, creating a better future for the hospitality industry.

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Our mission is to transform our knowledge and experience into sustainable corporate activity to the benefit of all stakeholders, with reliability and care.


DHR Services takes the responsibility of managing your hotel, arranging consulting sessions with experts, developing ideas into revenue, and increasing hospitality industry profits.

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Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding


invest privately or assist investors in the acquisition or leasing of hotels and resorts. With a legacy in hospitality since 1964 we have the knowledge and expertise to manage hotel & resort portfolios and help investors to assess opportunities, develop and operate hotel projects. After seeking out the appropriate investment scheme for every project, we facilitate Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) in the sector.


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Learning never exhausts the mind


have a vast experience in the sector, we vet and assess investment opportunities for your business, we evaluate the franchise opportunities and match each project to its appropriate brand. The streamlining of the business plan, concept and product is our top priority while we provide guidance on the operational structure and lead the development process. Knowing that the pre-opening period is crucial for the future of the establishment, we take on all procedures and we monitor & re-engineer operations. On top of that we appoint a special advisor into the Board of Directors.

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If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time


are a skillful team that  will develop your product and brand from the ground up (concept, operationalization, commercialization).  We act as a voice of leadership during the project development from the design and studies team to the handling of the management & construction and the optimization of procurement procedure. After taking on the pre-opening process, including selection & purchase of FF&E, we handle the entire opening, streamlining day to day operations, quality assurance, reporting & procurement. Understanding the importance of a highly trained personnel, we create training schemes & optimize the HR department.

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Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing


operate independent hotels and help them design their own brand. If you wish to enter a world of synergies and economies of scale we will assist you in selecting the best match for your property. The right brand  for you has to efficiently address the special characteristics of your hotel and its destination and communicate its features to the right market sources and target audience. We are the exclusive operators of Domotel Hotels & Resorts and Bee Resorts, additionally we are official operators for all franchise brands of Marriott International and we can act as a white flag operator for all international brands.


What others say about us

Vassilis Pitoulis

Owner, Domotel Agios Nikolaos

Konstantinos Alexopoulos, as a hotelier himself, had the needed know-how to point out the unique characteristics of our hotel and provide rare professionalism in hotel management and expertise in personnel training. A long- lasting collaboration that transformed and uplifted our hotel services.

Marina Efraimoglou

Owner, Euphoria Retreat

Having a vision of developing an innovative product in a field of work out of your past experience is challenging. When that product aims to become part of the global elite in its sector, you definitely need the knowledge and professional advice of a structured organisation to guide you through that journey. DHR Services was on board from the beginning (planning and design phase) until the opening of the hotel as a valuable advisor and a professional team player. Their flexibility at combining hard numbers and strict procedures with the necessary sensitivity to my vision was very important, given the particular needs of the project. Especially Konstantinos has been close to me all the way both as a reliable advisor and a good friend. He has a very good knowledge of the hotel industry in Greece, he is trustworthy, hard working and soft spoken even in tense situations. At the challenging times we have faced because of Covid-19, he was the person I turned to for advise and practical support.

Christos Grigorakis

Managing Partner, Chrysalia Hospitality Group

It has been a great pleasure and privilege to have appointed DHR Services as our hotel operator in our newly developed Aegon Mykonos, Autograph Collection by Marriott International. The DHR Services team has really made a difference completing and guiding our staff with their rich knowledge of the industry, detail-oriented approach and organisation. We really feel that we are more than business associates, we are part of the same family. We could not have made a better choice.

Thomas Boszko

Partner Alchemy Partners LLP & Alchemy Special Opportunities LLP

Konstantinos and I worked together for over a year looking at hotel opportunities in Greece. The project was going well until we paused it due to Covid-19. We spend almost 2 years looking for a partner in Greece who would be sufficiently competent, professional and institutional to guide us through the Greek market, and we could not have made a better choice than Konstantinos. He is entirely trustworthy, honourable, knowledgeable and experienced, I would have no hesitation in recommending him whole heartedly for anything hotel related. I would be delighted resume our partnership post Covid-19 as he was a delight to work with (and we are not the easiest partner!)

One of the pleasures and challenges associated with the practice of business is to work with far ahead looking and sophisticated clients as DHR Services. I was and I am still impressed with the high organizational level of DHR Services and its deep and long experience in hospitality matters. Konstantinos Alexopoulos, CEO of DHR Services, is the epitome of a deal maker as he has a strong feeling and foresight for new deals and synergies. Finally, their expertise in hotel management and in the structuring of hotel management relations and contracts is exceptional

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Our long legacy in hospitality, knowledge gained through years in our field, and our team’s target-oriented mindset guarantee success for your business.


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